Our Services

Mentoring and Support

Are you scared that you don't know how to care for your baby?
We have experienced mums who will help you learn the basics of bathing, changing nappies and so on.

Pregnancy Test

Want to know, but you don't? We get it! You can take your test here, and we can talk about what to do next.

Post Abortion Support

You terminated a pregnancy, but feel lost, guilty or grieving. We can help you with an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.  We can refer you to qualified counsellors if you need that.

Men's Groups

Partners often feel left out in the decisions women make about their pregnancy. We can connect you with a group of men who will help you make sense of it all.

pregnant woman

About Us

Betty's Place is a service of New Life Christian Fellowship Narrabri Inc. We welcome all people, regardless of their beliefs.
Our team consists of caring people from a variety of backgrounds.
We are a group of people who want to help others embrace life in all its fullness, including family life.
We believe that every person can find their best life in a relationship with God.



Betty's Place Conversations
A lot of the anxiety around pregnancy
and caring for babies disappears when you talk about it.
We are here for you.
We will listen without judging.
We will help you work out your way forward.

Betty's Place Mentoring
It used to be that people lived in the town
they grew up in.
You could call on your Mum or Grandma,
and they would drop in and help you
calm the crying baby.
Or show you how to wrap and bath the baby.
We can help you master the basics and become the expert.

After a Still Birth or Abortion
When a pregnancy ends suddenly,
whether through a miscarriage or still birth,
or termination, your body and emotions
are thrown into chaos.
We can help you work through the mess.

Support For Dads
Dads are often overlooked in the decisions
that are made around pregnancy
and raising children.
It's even worse if you separate from your partner
and only see your child occasionally.
We can provide emotional and spiritual support,
through men who care.

Need more information about pregnancy
or babies?
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Baby Center is an Australian site that shows you how your baby develops, week by week, from conception. Click here

Their main page is amazingly helpful. Click here


Abortion can be traumatic, and leave a woman emotionally scarred. Right To Know is an Abortion Trauma Recovery service. Click here for information about the mental health effects of abortion

Abortion can be traumatic for men too. Right to Know has help for theforgotten fathers. Click here.

Pregnancy Help Australia has a list of questions you should ask if you are considering an abortion. Click here

Caring For Baby

The Australian Parenting Web Site has lots of information about babies, toddlers and older children. Click here

Healthline has a great page on what to expect for each month. Click here


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